Alder Springs
Deaf & Blind Community
Morganton, NC



Create a comfortable, safe, peer-driven and technologically-advanced residential living community for deaf, deaf/blind, and blind residents in a location that is as charming as it is pertinent to the heritage of deaf and blind citizens.

Alder Springs is a welcoming community that is uniquely, inventively and exclusively built for its residents and their guests. Using an ingenious blending of smart architecture, inspired technology and a delightful location, Alder Springs simplifies day-to-day living for the deaf, deaf/blind, and blind residents.

True to its heritage, Alder Springs is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, owned by the North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton Foundation, built, operated, and sustained by private donations, grants from endowments and foundations, and rental income paid by residents with all proceeds directed to the care and maintenance of the community and to the financial support of the students enrolled at the North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton.

Alder Springs Objectives

  • To meet the social and emotional needs of three historically undersupported populations: deaf, deaf/blind, and blind.
  • To enrich the educational experience of students at the NC School for the Deaf at Morganton
  • To build upon one of Morganton and Burke County's most valuable yet most underappreciated assets
  • Net proceeds from the Alder Springs Deaf and Blind Community will be used to further the Foundation's mission of service to NCSD students.

North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton Foundation, Inc. (NCSDF)

An independent, nonprofit corporation established in 1991 with the following mission:      

  • Enhance the educational experience of students at NC School for the Deaf
  • Enhance work place opportunities for deaf and deaf-blind students
  • Provide scholarships and financial assistance to graduates of NCSD
  • Respond to emergency needs of students at NC School for the Deaf

NCSDF/Alder Springs receives no government funds and is not a state agency.

Deaf & Blind Community, LLC (SDBC)

Doing business as Alder Springs Deaf and Blind Community- a nonprofit subsidiary of NCSD at Morganton Foundation. Alder Spring's mission is to provide and sustain a residential community that continually meets the unique social, emotional, and lifestyle needs of its deaf, deaf/blind, and blind residents and to enrich the education experience of students at NSCD at Morganton.

Financial information for NCSDF and Alder Springs available upon request.


NCSD at Morganton Foundation, Inc. is governed by a board of 21 volunteer directors who are alumni, parents of students and graduates, educators, business and community leaders, interested private citizens, and a liaison from NCSD administration. 

Officers of the Board of Directors

  • Dotty Kirksey, President
  • Eric Jones, Vice President & Nominating Chair
  • Ann Aldridge, Secretary
  • Jennifer Wright, Treasurer


  • Sandy Turner - Liason (Deaf and Blind Community)

Board of Directors

  • Donna Alvis
  • Georganne Crowe
  • Dave Beck
  • Wayne Giese
  • Bryant Kennedy
  • Dotty Kirksey
  • Linda B. Lindsey, Ed. D.
  • Jennifer Wright
  • Doug Shaw
  • Bob Sweeny 
  • Barbara Palmento

Alder Springs Board of Directors is named by NCSDF and operates, maintains, and sustains Alder Springs Deaf & Blind Community. Directors have experience in property management, business operations, non-profit management, and services to the resident populations.

Directors (All Volunteer)

  • Jerry Norvell, Commerical Developer
  • Sam Avery, Nonprofit Consultant
  • John Greene, Jr., Business Owner
  • Sandy Turner, Retired Educator from NCSD
  • Scott Whisnant, Retired Attorney
  • Barbara Palmento, Retired Educator from NCSD
  • Ashley Ambrose, Accountant

Ex Officio

  • Mike Ayotte, CEO, Morganton Savings Bank
  • Lisa Buff, CPA, Smith Miller & Buff, CPA PA
  • Wallace Saunders, consultant
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